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Your Guide To Caskets For A Traditional Burial

July 16, 2018 • Teri Vila-Caballero

When someone you knew and loved passes on, you might find yourself making difficult decisions. If you know they wanted a traditional burial at a funeral homes in Miami, FL, you have a head start on making the kinds of choices that have to be made. However, even if they have a little bit of their service planned out, there might not be a lot of details involved. You may still be tasked with certain things, like choosing a casket. When you are ready to make the choice, use this guide to help lead you in the right direction alongside your funeral home.


Metal Casket Options

Metal caskets come in a variety of metal materials including stainless steel, bronze, copper, and others. Depending on the material you want, the price can vary. There are also plated options available to keep the costs down. Metal caskets last a long time and are very beautiful, but no casket will completely stop body decomposition. Metal is also not very environmentally friendly since it doesn’t break down.


Wood Casket Options

Most funeral homes find that wood caskets are the most popular option. Wood caskets are beautiful and come in endless designs, styles, and colors. You can find walnut, oak, and many other wood types and they are great for viewings and services alike. The prices fluctuate quite a bit based on the type and thickness of the wood, the details, and the quality of the casket as a whole.


Eco-Friendly Casket Options

Many people are concerned about the environment so eco-friendly caskets are becoming more popular with funeral homes. Some of these caskets are bio-degradable so they break down in the ground quickly. They are made of things like bamboo, wicker, cardboard, or even leaves. Not every funeral home will have these options so if it interests you; research the choices in the area to find one to suit your needs.

Rental Casket Options

If you plan on having a viewing or service with your loved one present, but you don’t have the money for an expensive casket, renting a casket from a funeral home is a viable option. You can honor your loved one without spending too much on something they don’t really need. Renting a casket allows you to get the materials and style you want without having to pay a large cost. Use the casket for the viewing or funeral service and then cremate your loved one or put them in a less expensive casket for burial.

If you want to learn more about options for caskets for traditional burials at funeral homes in Miami, FL, contact Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory for help. Our funeral home professionals are here to help you with every difficult decision you need to make. We’ll lay out the options and help you reach your goals for honoring your loved one while keeping things within your budget. Give our funeral director a call at 305-631-0001 and we’ll set up a time to talk through the details in person. You can also visit us at 2546 SW 8th St.  Miami, FL 33135.

Teri Vila-Caballero

Teri Vila-Caballero

Teri Vila-Caballero is the Pre Need Director at Ferdinand Funeral Homes & Crematory. She joined the team in 2012 to fulfill her calling to serve our community.


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